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Jun 14, 2011
@ 12:32 am
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Foxxjazell-Ride or Die boy(Pride remix)ft. Lasto,Shorty Roc & Nano Reyes *available on itunes*I decided to take a “Anti- PROP 8 “feel for the remix. Bonus track from the “Boy,girl,whateva” album available 4 download on itunes,amazon & all major online retail stores

a friend sent this to me after going to a hiphop show that was sexist/homophobic:

.. i felt the intense need to post/share this. cuz i needed to see some positive, loving queer folks of color spit. and i needed pilipin@ representation.

because queer folks of color are in hip hop culture. we’ve been here. we gon’ be here. and despite the violence that daily surrounds us, we walk FIERCE, we stomp it out, we love hard and gentle…and we create our own safe spaces and music and dance.

….but you all know this already. <grin>  now go watch these beautiful brown boys kiss face and rap about it. (and what!)

.. in 2010, Nano Reyes publicly announced their transition, has changed their name to Milan the Empress, and has been documenting their MTF transition for the community.

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    AAAAHHH, I love it. I forgot about this song. Thanks you Rough Diamond Collective for following me and reminding me of...
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    woke up to this c/o le gay. i wish that everyone would send queer sexy rap esp. with massive rep for pinay trans artists...
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    QTPOC hip hop makes my world go round~*
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    naijaboi got this from my partner who really needed some QTPOC hip-hop and music in their lives. p.s. lasto is my shit....
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