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Jul 10, 2012
@ 9:46 pm
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!!!CALL IN to get Hormones for CeCe!!!

Demand that Chrishaun CeCe McDonald be administered the 20 milligrams of hormones that she is prescribed and allowed by court order!

CeCe is doing well in St. Cloud, even though she is putting up with a lot of harassment from guards and administration. 

It took three weeks for her to begin receiving her hormones, and we learned yesterday that they are only giving her 6 milligrams instead of the 20 milligrams she is prescribed. This is egregious and insulting.

CeCe is asking her supporters to call-in to St. Cloud Health Services Director Cheri Meyer, MN DOC Health Director Nanette Larson and St. Cloud Psychological Services Director Bruce Hedge. Please CALL ALL THREE!

Demand that Chrishaun CeCe McDonald be administered the 20 milligrams of hormones that she is prescribed and allowed by court order!

Cheri Meyer (St. Cloud Health Services Director): (320)240-3077

Nanette Larson (MN DOC Health Services Director): (651)361-7280

Bruce Hedge (St. Cloud Psychological Services Director): (320)240-3030

Call today, call tomorrow, and leave messages.  Fill their voicemail boxes and let them know that we are watching and that CeCe is not alone!

Please be firm but courteous when you call. Remember that prison administrators have enormous control over CeCe’s treatment, and antagonizing them could be harmful to CeCe.

Thank you for yr support of CeCe.


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