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Apr 9, 2012
@ 6:12 pm
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‘Africa’s first* transgender music star’



African governments don’t want us thinking that “homosexuality” is within the realm of their “traditional values”. So these leaders, even Nobel Peace Prize winning ones, use that as an excuse to justify the persecution and lack of protection for some of their most vulnerable citizens. Well, it seems that the Angolan government who currently seem to have their hands full (of money?) can’t be bothered to check whether or not popular Kudurista*, Titica, fits within that value system… and we’re glad for that! Now, I don’t know the frame through which Angolans are seeing Titica. A little forum and youtube scrolling reveals a divided public (as always). Since I’m not there, I’m not going to write a drawn out post on LGBT issues in Angola. I do have to say that Titica may just be as much of a “challenge” for some New York audiences as ones in Africa, so I’m proud to say that she will be visiting us next Monday night at Bembe in Brooklyn for the iBomba party! New Yorkers, come say hi and give your support.

Everyone else look out for more content and coverage of her visit soon.

*Sidenote: It seems Hip Hop is the realm for political protest in Angola, while interestingly, previously marginal Kuduro seems to be turning into a sort of symbol of national pride. Whether or not that translates into better living and working conditions for the scene’s artists and producers remains to be seen. But apparently Angola has seen this kind of thing before.

*Update: Not the first, as commenter Chika notes. And, we hear there is precedent in Angola with Carnaval. Follow up post with some perspective from Titica soon!

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